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Our story

Once upon a time, in 2012, there was a mom who was desperate to find balanced meals to help her son recover from rickets, a bone disorder that can occur when children don’t get the right balance of vitamins and minerals. After weeks of research and trial-and-error, she discovered the power of nutrition and the importance of providing balanced, nutritious meals to her son.

This mom didn’t just stop at helping her son, though. In 2013, she decided to take this newfound knowledge and use it to help other parents and children as well. She started a baby food nutrition business to provide healthy, balanced meals for babies and toddlers. And, as an added bonus, she made sure to add a bit of humor and fun to her business as well! (You will understand if you follow us on our social media channels!) 😀

Now, her business is thriving and she’s helping other moms and dads provide their little ones with the nutritious meals they need to grow and develop. So, if you’re looking for balanced, nutritious meals with a side of humor and fun, look no further than this mom’s baby food nutrition business. She’s been there, done that, and is ready to help you and your little one out!
To this day, Award Winning Baby Grubz range continues to provide delicious and nutritious meals to parents and children around the world. We have won multiple awards for our food and have been featured in numerous publications.

Our founder

My name is Seun and I am the founder and CEO of multiple award-winning Baby Grubz brand, a company dedicated to providing healthy, balanced meals for infants and toddlers. Turning my passion into a business is a blessing not just for my son but over 250,000 other children across Nigeria and the world. I would love to share our super tasty and nutrient dense variety of meals with your little one too.

Our company is also dedicated to providing parents with fun recipes and sound science based nutritional advice for children who have special dietary needs.
I’m so proud of what I have accomplished and I am thankful that I am able to turn a personal struggle into a successful business that is changing lives and transforming the nutritional status of children all around the world.

our promise

At Baby Grubz, we strive to provide the highest quality, nutritious, and sustainably sourced natural African baby food for parents of 6 months to 5 years old.
Our food is prepared with love, care, and the best ingredients and super foods the continent has to offer, so you can trust that your little one is receiving the best nutrition.

our Values


All our children’s food products address moderate malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies


All our products are made in an hygienic facility and we promise to use only the freshest natural ingredients for our baby food. We will entertain no chemicals in our infant’s tender tummies.


All children should have access to optimum nutrition regardless of the the depth of their parent’s pockets.

Why we are different

world-wide delivery

credit card accepted

30 days money back guarantee